dreams and birds
03.06.08 / 8:48 pm

i drove home through a blizzard
just after i'd almost kissed her (or she'd almost kissed me),
thinking (here and there, maybe), that it was a mistake to be leaving.

in my mind, i undid the top buttons of her dress, one by one;
and just as i finished, she spun, half turn 'round, and was, at once, a bird,
shedding skin for feathers, arms for wings,
the same blood in her body, changes only in the minor things.
and she moved so gracefully; what a beautiful evening.

she settled to sleep on my shoulder,
and in the dark of the night, i finally knew her -
the movement of her body as she drew one breath after another;
the palpitations of her chest;
the smooth arches of her form altered so little from the woman,
beauty to be blessed,
beauty to thank god for.

and i found so little difference, 'tween bird and man,
only sparse molecules, rearranged to benefit.