04.29.08 / 6:06 pm

unencumbered from the weight that i used to carry,
i feel a stretching for freedom again;
springtime always gives me itchy feet.
there is an anxiousness for movement,
for the sight of desert, forest, ocean,
and the experience creates a sense
that one could never settle down again;
it is a chance to transcend colonial living,
to trade characteristic cynicism for naked innocence.

in the dull glow of the morning: gather wood for the fire.
then, in the afternoon: watch the bright summer sun shine through a pouring rain,
forage for a meager dinner,
and see the stars come out at night again;
then in a dream, catch a glimpse of heaven,
which looks so like this terrestrial life.

my only driving hope, one i may hold in vain,
is that i may walk upon the earth once more;
and once again, and once again.