06.04.08 / 4:54 pm

I have an incredibly strong belief that one's body is more likely to suffer from an early collapse than is one's mind. I work my mind constantly, but recently, I've begun paying equal, if not greater, attention to my body. I do this because I want my body to carry my mind to the apex of its existence. I fear the possibility of premature collapse like I fear the possibility of having an unhappy adulthood. So, I push my body as often as I can, naturally, without supplements or protein or anything. I don't need to enhance anything; I just need to stay alive.

I've become very comfortable with my body - everything from the freckles that people made fun of when we were kids to my constitution, something I feel is more influenced by genetics than anything else.

There may be some vanity in this, but that doesn't concern me. Being naked is something I have become extremely comfortable with, but only in the company of people who know and understand me. Displaying my body this way is a whole new thing.