seattle in the fall
10.03.08 / 6:27 pm

fall - the social exchange
between thousands of sweatered bodies;
between umbrellas, hats, coats.
contemplation of biological process - change,
creating color and non-color:
man assumes a greying countenance,
while the natural rebels against this solemnity.
clouds as the sun rises, rain on the ride to work,
dampness that lingers overnight.

all friends, family, and lovers
crowd into warm bedrooms,
glad if they don't have to pay for the heat.

the city isn't big enough, nor human enough
and beggars with references and business numbers
huddle in the yard, want to trim our bushes,
fix the windows.
"i've been footing it for awhile," they say;
and "i hate asking, but can you spare...?"

everyone withdraws, inching closer to the fire
to warm the blood, thickened with the cold.