01.22.10 / 1:51 am

after graduating this spring, i'll be moving to phoenix, az as part of the 2010 teach for america corps. it is humbling: so many incredible people, including some of my best friends, applied for the program; they were in all senses incredibly worthy people and incredibly worthy competition.

in the last two years, i feel like everything i've attempted has gone my way - my award-winning thesis, my full tuition scholarship, my lsat scores, teach for america. with every progressive success, i think increasingly about the inevitable thing that will not go my way, that will destroy me a little bit. i suppose i am waiting for the sky to fall. it is an interesting response, given that i've worked very hard for everything that i've achieved, have actively sought success in everything i undertake.

many would undoubtedly be incredibly happy to find themselves where i am, and this is something i say without the intent of self-aggrandizement. i have been incredibly lucky. but i can't help but ask: when will things not go my way?