02.20.11 / 6:05 pm

i haven't written anything of worth in months. hopefully, this isn't something that will continue indefinitely.

for a short update, i am about seven months into the school year here in phoenix, where i teach middle school math to a group of students who are shamefully behind academically. i'm neither a huge fan of my job nor of the school where i work. life is difficult, and i can count it a good week when i come home and say, "i hate myself" only three days out of five.

i fell into teaching because of a lack of better options post-graduation. after my two year commitment with my program is over, i'm going to be moving elsewhere - because phoenix has a pretty big case of "soul crushing emptiness" - and going to law school.

i miss learning very much. i miss seattle very much. i am trying to hasten my return there, but i'm not really sure how soon that's going to happen.

if anyone still follows this, i promise to provide at least token updates from here on out, although i can't promise any good linguistic flourish until i have the time to actually focus on writing legitimate things.