08.07.11 / 10:18 pm

i remember this well -
it was one of those grey seattle days,
in march, out for a walk through discovery park.
the single pearl that i had given you for christmas
was just visible over the neckline of your sweater.
i smoked cigarettes on the rocks,
and you didn't complain.
we walked along the water but didn't say much;
after innumerable hours on the telephone,
being quiet together was fine.

when it started to rain, we tried to walk faster,
but it still took twenty minutes to find the car.
we got several cups of coffee to warm our blood
and rosemary bread with havarti for dinner.

i apologized for the weather,
but you said that it has been the most exciting day you'd had in months,
that it was worth it just to have me back.


tomorrow is the first day of school. time to start teaching children again. law school is now the light at the end. we'll see how everything goes. if i disappear, it is because my job has taken over my life again.