i've been writing a lot, but mostly in notebooks
04.03.12 / 8:56 pm


it already feels like spring in arizona;
the sun rises earlier each morning,
and i begin to lose my head in dreams.
leave the window open overnight
and trade the down comforter for a cooler cotton blanket.

in the evenings, driving home from work,
i count down days until i leave.
they evaporate like drops of water;
soon this adventure will be over
and then another life begins.

the most curious thing of all
is that instead of thinking of the future,
i am drawn into the years before i came here,
into blissful seattle days and bike rides at dusk,
into fleeting memories of love.
i embrace old habits and feel myself again.

i know that there is little left
except inexorable forward motion,
more signifiers of who i will become,
and yet, and yet, and yet,
i cannot shake the yoke of where i have come from.